Dafna Shalom

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Dafna Shalom, Hamavdil, 2008. Video and stereo installation, 9:58 min., loop.
Sound and melody: Victoria Hanna. © The artist

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Dafna Shalom, Evening Prayer, 2008. Video and audio, 4:23 min., loop.
Sound: Dikla Dori.  ©The artist

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Dafna Shalom studied at the International Center for Photography in New York and graduated from Hunter College of Art. Her works are displayed in private and public collections worldwide. Shalom’s works, that are both conceptual and emotional, raise questions about otherness, corporal fragility, and identity.
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Dafna Shalom, Yamin Noraim (Days of Awe) 2, 2007.
Video and audio, 5:00 min., loop. Sound: Dikla Dori.©  The artist

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Dafna Shalom, Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) 1, 2006.
Video and audio, 2:55 min., loop. Sound: Smadar Levi. © The artist

Dafna Shalom, Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) 3, 2010.
Single-channel HD video, 12:57 min., loop. © The artist

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Dafna Shalom, Shirat Hayam (Song of the Sea) (Morning Prayer), 2004.
Video and audio, 3:18 min., loop. Sound: Doron Shalom.  ©The artist

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